Covid-19 Guest Information and FAQ Sheet

Ready for your next trip to Belize? The Belize Tourism Board has created a new Tourism Gold Standard program to keep you safer from arrival to departure. This extensive program is made specifically for hotels, restaurants and tour operators and shops to enhance their health and safety standards. By adapting these new behaviors and procedures, these properties will be able to ensure the safety of all travelers as they enjoy vacationing in Belize. From the new Belize Health App to enhanced cleanliness protocols for hotels, tour operations, and tourist attractions, we’ve re-imagined our travel policies, so you can breathe easy while you explore our curious location.

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Belize is currently in Phase 3 of our re-opening plan. Click the image below to see a larger version.

During Phase 3 travelers will be visiting Belize and strongly encouraged to stay within the BTB Safe Corridors, which include BTB Gold Standard Certified hotels, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. Please look for the BTB Gold Standard Certified sticker on any locations you are visiting.

Phase 3 Entry Requirements for International Tourists:

Prior to Arrival
Book an approved Gold Standard property for your stay. Please contact us directly ( for availability of our Gold Standard certified properties.

Download Belize Health App and complete required information within 72 hours of boarding flight. (

Take a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding flight as a negative result will provide a “fast track” arrival process. Depending on your health screening results, you may be randomly selected for a secondary testing.

Upon Entry
After disembarking your plane, you will be moved to the Hospitality Meet & Greet. If you arrive with your negative PCR test that was taken within the 72 hours prior to your arrival, you will be cleared to proceed to Immigration & Customs.

If you do not have a negative PCR test that was taken within the 72 hours prior to your arrival or if you are selected for extra screening, you will be moved onto Health Screening & Testing. A test will be given at the traveler’s expense of US$50. Results will be sent to your hotel once they are received.

Movements within the Country
Transported to San Pedro, by approved air transport (Tropic Air or Maya Island Air). You will be met by our approved driver at the airport in San Pedro and transported to your accommodations. During your stay, it is highly recommended that you facilitate Gold Standard Certified businesses on the island. These businesses have been properly trained in best practices for reducing transmission of Covid-19 among their staff and clients.

Positive Test Results
Minimum 14-day mandatory quarantine at approved quarantine hotel at traveler’s expense.

Notes on Positive Tests
The airlines will not allow you to fly if positive, hence the need to quarantine for 14 days. If you have not reached our property, we would refund your stay. If you are at the property and become positive, we would extend your stay as needed. Staying at the property beyond your scheduled dates is subject to availability and must allow for a 4 day buffer between your departure and the arrival of the next guest. If that buffer could not be met, you would be transported to an approved quarantine hotel. If you are in a group, all persons in the group are required to enter quarantine if a person in that group becomes infected. If you do become positive during your stay we will support and assist you to the fullest.

If anyone in your party presents symptoms, please advise us by phone immediately. Your accommodation will have complete information of what to do if someone presents symptoms. We will arrange for a temperature check and contact the Ministry of Health. You will be asked to isolate in your vacation rental until the Ministry of Health arrives. If anyone in the party presents a temperature exceeding 100 °F, or tests positive for the virus, they will be required to isolate in their accommodation along with all members of their party in the unit until the Ministry of Health arrives to undertake testing for COVID-19. Employees will respond by facilitating medical attention and ensuring sanitation of areas that might have been exposed.

COVID Cancellation Policies
Our policies vary property by property, but we are very flexible and, in all instances, if Belize is not permitting travelers to enter the country during your scheduled stay we are providing 12 month credits for any reservation that falls within the no cancellation portion of the Rental Agreement.

We highly recommend that you invest in travel insurance that provides COVID-19 coverage or CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) coverage if you are unable to travel for your vacation due to illness.

For more information contact:
Peggy Mason
P.O. Box 4044
Aspen Colorado 81612

Phone: 970-274-8383

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